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T9 - Look at Predictive Text Input.


TACS - Total Access Communications System (an AMPS variant deployed in a number of countries principally the UK)


Talk-time - The length of time a battery can power a mobile phone when making or receiving calls


TAP - Transferred Account Procedure; the essential charging methodology for international GSM roaming. There have been four TAP standards, TAP1, TAP2, TAP2+ and TAP3. The latter offers variable record length and is sufficiently flexible to support all future requirements arising from the move to 3G


TBR - Technical Basis for Regulation (part of the ETSI standardisation process)


TCH - Traffic Channel


TD-CDMA - Time Division CDMA


TD-SCDMA - Time Division-Synchronous CDMA; a CDMA variant developed by Chinese vendors which is claimed to offer high data rates and greater coverage


TDD - Time Division Duplex; a radio technology for use in unpaired spectrum. WCDMA/UMTS includes a band for TDD mode usage and both PHS and DECT use this technology


TDMA - Time Division Multiple Access; a technique for multiplexing multiple users onto a single channel on a single carrier by splitting the carrier into time slots and allocating these on a as-needed basis


Telematics - A wireless communications system designed for the collection and dissemination of information, particularly refers to vehicle-based electronic systems, vehicle tracking and positioning, on-line vehicle navigation and information systems and emergency assistance


TETRA - Terrestrial Trunked Radio; a European developed digital private mobile radio technology which is now being extensively deployed worldwide


Tetrapol - A competitive digital PMR technology to TETRA developed by French vendors


TFD - Thin Film Diode. A type of LCD display technology. TFD technology combines the excellent image quility and fast response times of TFT, with the low power consumption and low cost of STN.


TFT - Thin Film Transistor. A type of LCD display technology. Compared to other types of LCD technology, TFT features excellent image quality and response time, but uses more power, and is more expensive.


TFTS - Terrestrial Flight Telephone System


Timeslot - A frame within a TDMA schema; has a time interval of 576 microseconds. Physical content of a timeslot is known as a burst. Five different burst types exist, they are distinguished by different TDMA frame divisions (see NB, FB, SB, AB and DB)


TIPHON - Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonisation over Networks; an ETSI project designed to support the market for voice communications and voice band communications. In particular TIPHON will ensure that users on IP-based networks can communicate with those on circuit switched networks


TMN - Telecommunications Management Network


TMSI - Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity; covers the IMSI to prevent over-the-air interception and tracing


TRAU - Transcoder Rate Adapter Unit; the transport unit for a 16kbit/s traffic channel on the A-bis interface


Tri-band - Refers to a mobile phone able to operate on the three internationally designated GSM frequencies- 900, 1800 and 1900MHz


TrueSync - A technology which enables the optimal synchronisation of calendars, address books, action lists and memoranda. It enables multi-point, one-step synchronisation of wireless and wireline devices, desktop computers and server-based applications and services


TRX - Transmitter/receiver (transceiver)


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