Text messaging to Mobile Phones from Your Desktop

MobiClient TM

MobiClient is a simple Windows application that allows individuals and businesses to send text from pc to cell phones. This is an ideal tool for businesses that want to keep in touch with their customers through SMS marketing. Download MobiClient for a free trial!


Send text messages to multiple people from your computer! MobiClient is available for Windows-based PCs only at this time, with pricing starting at less than 3 cents per message.

MobiClientTM Features

MobiClient PlusMobiClient Plus has no advertisements, CSV (Comma Separated Value) Contact uploading and forward replies to phone.Learn More

Reply-to-MobiRecipients of text messages sent by MobiClient can reply back.Learn More

Broadcast One Message to Many RecipientsNeed to notify multiple co-workers of a change in plan? With MobiClient's unique Broadcast feature, you can send one message to many recipients at once.Learn More

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