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MobiClient Software is designed, developed and operated by Dalmatech, an industry leader in tech support services and maintenance, web development and custom software.

In addition to MobiClient, Dalmatech has embarked on several different applications to satisfy a multitude of users.

This catalog of products includes:

 IPnote Standard: An award winning utility software program that solves the issue of dynamic IP addressing. Whenever an external IP address of a given Internet Connection changes, IPnote sends a notification to an email or group of emails that you designate so that you can always connect to that network or PC.
Now available for only $7.95

 IPnote Enterprise: Managing several networks or PCs that are under dynamic IP vulnerability? No problem, with IPnote E2, all those PCs can report to a central server. From here, the helpdesk technician can know the internal IP, external IP, and other important system statistics to manage that PC remotely.
Now available for only $19.99

 PatriotBox: The world's most inexpensive, Windows-based, Honeypot Server.
Now available for only $39.99

 S.A.F.E. : Stands for Snort Analysis Front-End, and it's just that. Want to analyse your Snort Data? Let S.A.F.E. make it easy and accessible from any internet connection.
Now available for only $19.99

- Other Software

 IPnote  starting at nly $7.95

The world's best Dynamic IP Notification Software!

Visit and learn more about IPnote!

 PatriotBox  only $39.99

Windows-based Honeypot Server!

Visit and learn more about PatriotBox!


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